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Business Information and Research

Accurate and timely information is essential for any business to remain competitive. With the Internet, you can gather a tremendous amount of business intelligence information on prospects, competitors, vendors, suppliers, customers, or other companies in just a few hours.

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Required Work
Unit 1:  Eight Steps to Effective Writing
Unit 2:  Effective Business Letters / Format / Style / Organization
Unit 3:  Grammar and Style Review
Unit 4:  Resumes
Unit 5:  Proposals
Unit 6:  Business Information and Research
Unit 7:  Annual Reports

Other Resources

Business Week Online
New York Times
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Company Annual Reports
Report Gallery
Small Business Administration's Office of International Trade
Elements of a Grant Proposal
Search Engine

Purposes of Business Information and Research
    Strategic marketing
    Market intelligence
    Financial information   

    Hoover's Online:  The Business Authority -- information on corporations
    E-Business Research Center:
    Center for Women's Business Research
    Home Business Research Center
    Small Business Research Portal
    Researching Companies online:  A Tutorial

    Research five companies and provide the following summary of information
    -- overview of key business
    -- mission / vision statement
    -- overview of financial condition
    -- unique elements in their business & strategic plan