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Proposals / Brochures

This unit will take you through the steps of writing a brochure or a proposal from start to finish.

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Required Work
Unit 1:  Eight Steps to Effective Writing
Unit 2:  Effective Business Letters / Format / Style / Organization
Unit 3:  Grammar and Style Review
Unit 4:  Resumes
Unit 5:  Proposals
Unit 6:  Business Information and Research
Unit 7:  Annual Reports

Other Resources

Business Week Online
New York Times
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Company Annual Reports
Report Gallery
Small Business Administration's Office of International Trade
Elements of a Grant Proposal
Search Engine

Travel Agency Brochure -- step-by-step
   Designing a Brochure that Works

Structure of a Proposal
Executive Summary -- 1 page
       Statement of Need -- 2 pages
 Project Description -- 3 pages
       Budget -- 1 page
       Organization Information -- 1 page
       Conclusion -- 2 paragraphs

Project Description Details
     Concrete, specific, measurable objectives
     Conceptual (more abstract) goals
     Methods:  How, When, Why
     Staffing and Administration
     Budget (supervision, implementers, office space, materials, office overhead)
     Budget Narrative
     Organizational Information

Structure of a Letter Proposal
    Ask for the gift
    Describe the need
    Explain what you will do
    Provide institutional data
    Appropriate budget data (overview)
    Concluding statement
    Additional information required

Academic Writing
Guidelines for Dissertation Prospectus:  University of Maryland
Dissertations :  University of Oklahoma Dissertation Packet
Masters Thesis:  University of Oklahoma Masters Thesis Packet