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Annual Reports

This unit is designed to provide you with information needed to prepare annual reports.

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Required Work
Unit 1:  Eight Steps to Effective Writing
Unit 2:  Effective Business Letters / Format / Style / Organization
Unit 3:  Grammar and Style Review
Unit 4:  Resumes
Unit 5:  Proposals
Unit 6:  Business Information and Research
Unit 7:  Annual Reports

Other Resources

Business Week Online
New York Times
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Company Annual Reports
Report Gallery
Small Business Administration's Office of International Trade
Elements of a Grant Proposal
Search Engine

Unit Overview

Learning Objectives
-- understand the purpose of annual reports
   -- be able to identify and draft key sections
   -- know where to find samples online, and understand the design considerations

Purposes of Annual Reports
  -- disclosure to shareholders
  -- information to potential investors
  -- a corporate image piece
  -- financial and operations information
  -- management information
  -- vision and mission statements included

Key Considerations
corporate image reflected, must be designed with that in mind
-- high production values
-- accurate financial, operations, and management information
-- clear writing style
-- excellent graphics that tell the story of the company
-- vision and mission included

Guides to the construction of the annual report

Samples  --- The Report Gallery
Corporate websites, with financial reporting included (quarterly and annual reports) 

More reports: 

    Anadarko Petroleum
    Analog Devices
    Anheuser Busch
    California First Bank

Balancing Public Relations, Promotions, and Disclosure Requirements
   -- While your primary mission is to describe the financial and operations health of the organization, you must keep in mind that what you construct is a public document, and will influence decisions to purchase stock or invest in the company.  Thus, the approach you take must be balanced, and you must recognize the needs of your audience.

Draft an annual report for a company you are familiar with.  Be creative!