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Grammar and Style

This unit is designed to provide you with a review of grammar and style, which will help you in all your professional writing activities.

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Unit 1:  Eight Steps to Effective Writing
Unit 2:  Effective Business Letters / Format / Style / Organization
Unit 3:  Grammar and Style Review
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Unit 7:  Annual Reports

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Guide to Grammar and Style
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Chicago Manuel of Style

Read the article "Workers with Disabilities get support from legislation" and complete the following citation exercises as if you were citing this article in a research paper. Use the proper citation method called for in each exercise. For each exercise, indicate which paragraph you were using from the article.

  • Write three sentences that paraphrase one of the paragraphs. Cite correctly using MLA style.
  • Write another three sentences that paraphrase a different paragraph, but this time use an introductory tag identifying the author and the title of the essay. Cite correctly using APA style.
  • Write a sentence that contains a quoted phrase of five (5) words or fewer. Cite correctly using the Chicago Manuel of Style.
  • Write a least three sentences that require indenting a quotation of four lines or more. Use an introductory tag and a comment following the quote. Cite correctly using APA Style.
  • Paraphrase a sentence from the article. Cite correctly using MLA style.