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Progress Report Assignment, Choice 4

Write a brief progress report.  Details below.

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Technical Report: Engineering Option

Your company is working on a huge project to produce ten million Halloween pumpkins for trick-or-treating. You are the project engineer. The design team has already completed the design and the drawings for the mold. You are responsible for the tooling, molding, and assembly phases of production.

The president of the company, Susan Howard, wants a progress report on the pumpkins. The pumpkins are due for shipping September 1. It is now January 15. She is a very busy woman, so your report should be information-packed but concise. Tell her what she needs to know in as few words as possible.

Following are the mini-reports submitted by the division heads of the three departments:

Brad Wilson (tooling)--We prepared three different molds for this project. The first one required too much material, so we worked with the design team to redraw and produce a second mold. The second mold didn't work because the blow molders we already have wouldn't support the size of the mold. The final mold has been tested and appears to be the appropriate choice for the project.

James Anderson (molding)--After several failed attempts, we finally have a mold that seems to work for the pumpkins. We have had some difficulty with the amount of coloring that needs to go into the material in order to produce the color specified by the design team. We have produced several samples and need to have someone decide which color we should use. The production time for each mold is about one minute. While we were waiting for the pumpkin mold, we produced all of the handle-straps that we would need to complete the production order and have sent those over to assembly.

Sarah Harper (assembly)--We have received the pumpkin handles from molding, and I have designed the workspace that we will use to assemble and pack the pumpkins. I would like to have some samples to work with so that I can determine how long the assembly and packing of each pumpkin will take so that I will know how many people to assign to this project.