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Progress Report Assignment, Choice 2

Write a progress report based on the details provided below.

Technical Report: Communications Option

You work for a giant communications conglomerate in a large metropolitan area that includes both a TV station and a radio station. Your company's TV and radio ratings have been slipping because of increased competition from another company. Your company president, Michael Dennehey, has assigned you the task of assessing the problem and solving it. You broke the process down into three different divisions and are coordinating the efforts of all three.

Mr. Dennehey wants you to prepare a progress report on the project. He is concerned that if the ratings continue to slip, the company will have trouble meeting the financial demands of the stockholders. He is a very busy man, so your report should be information-packed, but concise. Tell him what he needs to know in as few words as possible.

Following are the mini-reports submitted to you by the three members of your team:

Todd Underhill (public relations)--My team has completed all of the telephone polls for both the TV and the radio station. We found that the listeners feel that our station airs too many commercials and plays the same songs too often. The survey of television viewers revealed that people simply like to watch the shows aired on a different broadcasting company--we can't really do much about that. I'll send a copy of both of these reports to you in the next few days.

Rebecca Sampson (radio)--
In an effort to revitalize our listeners, we have increased the number of give-aways and public appearances. We also added an all-request period from 11-1 Monday-Friday. We're still waiting on information from budgeting to find out if we can continue to have the increased numbers of give-aways.

Allison Robinson (TV)--
I have informed our broadcasting company that our shows are not competing well with other stations, and I'm still waiting for feedback from them. In the meantime, I have restructured our news programs to make them seem more personal and more in-tune with the people in this area. I have also rearranged the schedule of some of the shows.

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