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Progress Report Assignment, Choice 1

Write a progress report.  The details to include are listed below.

Technical Report: Accounting Option

The accounting firm that you work for has been in business for over 60 years and has recently decided to computerize all of its accounts: past and present. The president of the company, John Westin, put you in charge of the project. You developed the database that will be used and assigned three other people to work with different elements of the computerization process.

You and your cohorts have been working on the project for six months, and the project is supposed to be completed in another six months. Mr. Westin wants you to prepare a progress report for the project. He is a very busy man, so your report should be information-packed, but concise. Tell him what he needs to know in as few words as possible.

Following are the mini-reports that your three assistants submitted to you:

Michelle Brown (1966-1996)--I decided to begin computerizing the current accounts from newest to oldest. I've got back records for all accounts that weren't already on computer, and I've entered those. I've also entered accounts as far back as 1989. I had some trouble with some of the accounts because Jack Arnold wouldn't release his files. I still have the rest of my section (1966-1988) to enter, too.

Brian Killingsworth (1936-1965)--I started entering records from 1936. I'm having trouble reading some of the handwriting, but I think it's all making sense once I've entered it. I've done all of the records through 1950, and I've entered the account names and basic information for all of the others in my section.

Mike Johnson (1906-1935)--I started with the more recent records and have started working back. I've done five years worth. I'm having a problem because some of the old accounts don't have all the information that the database calls for, and when I try to just leave things blank, the computer won't let me save the information.

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