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Unit 4:  Collaborative Revisions and Final Report

Due Date:  April 30, 2003
Procedure:  mail to instructor 

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Unit 1:  Your Research Proposal -- initial writing and research
Unit 2:  Your dissertation or thesis:  Outline, section drafts, understanding abstracts
Unit 3:  Grammar and Style Review // Revisions
Unit 4:  Final Report

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American Geological Institute
Geological Society of America
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Turabian Style Guide
Author Information:  GSA

Structure of Tasks:
In this unit, you will be required to expand, review, and revise the work that you have submitted in the earlier phases of this course.  The emphasis will be on collaborative learning.  You are encouraged to go to the Writing Center, and to send your work to other members of the class for their review.

   Please have another reader review your work.

Specific tasks:
   *   Reviewing an outline
   *   Reviewing your manuscript so that your added material follows the outline in a balanced manner
   *   Revising for clarity, and to identify where more content needs to be added
   *  Reviewing your manuscript to identify and correct grammar / style problems

Required Work: 
  * Read and make recommended corrections to at least one other classmate's work (follow guidelines in the Revision Survival Guide)
  * Obtain at least one review of your own work
  * Make revisions as detailed in "Specific Tasks" and submit the entire report via e-mail to your instructor

Useful Links:
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     Paragraph Transitions:  Sentence Examples
     The Need for Transitions
     Verb-Subject Agreement (Skillswise by BBC)