I entered you like the sea

my salt mixed with the molecules of your waters

our forms in suspension, dissolved into each other

an emulsion of salt, foam, and hope

crashing onto rocks or ripping under tides

masked by a surface as smooth as thighs

or infinite sighs --


We are ships moving along the dark, starry night

we navigate our dreams along pinpoints of silent light

north for freedom

north for lands unknown

my heart pounding

my compass is unwound

needle detached

I spin in dizzy spirals;

We are ships borne by the power of dreams.


You entered me like the sea

my heart mixed with the depths of your mind

made into a dangerous compass, spinning around

all our circumstances of sea, salt, foam & need

and still the realities of our indelible forms --

you are my water, I am your salt

your precipitous crystal

my slow, luxurious drownings

as night melts into day.


susan smith nash

february 19, 2002