Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.

                                                                                   P. O. Box 720157

                                                                                 Norman, OK  73072

                                                                                  fax (405) 364-3627









Ph.D. in English, 1996, University of Oklahoma.  Dissertation Title:  "Apocalypse in Twentieth-Century Literature, Film, and Cultural Texts:  The Persistence and Questioning of the Messianic Vision."  4.0/4.0 gpa.  (Awarded the Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award, 1996).


M.A. in English, 1989, University of Oklahoma.  Emphasis in Creative Writing.  M.A. Thesis:  "Active Fault," which contains poetry, literary analysis, and translations from Spanish to English (sonetos by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz). (Awarded the Goldia Cooksey Outstanding Creative Achievement Award)   4.0/4.0 gpa.


Graduate studies in Economics (emphasis in developmental economics), 1984-1987, University of Oklahoma. 4.0/4.0 gpa.


B.S. in Geology, 1981, University of Oklahoma. 3.4/4.0 gpa.


Institutional Development



Academic Employment


The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

2000-present:  Director, Online Curriculum Development, The University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies; Education Manager of Institute of Exploration and Development Geosciences in the College of Geology/Geophysics; also, Project Director, International Projects, The University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education.


Responsibilities include managing development team, training support staff and programmers, designing and equipping lab and faculty training facilities, developing training manuals, developing programs for delivery in a distance-learning format, which includes on-line courses; web-based technical training; web- and internet-supported programs in both non-credit coursework and non-traditional students in an international setting.  Also includes training faculty in curriculum and course development.  Assessment of online programs, and best practices developed.   International training programs, community development, private sector strengthening programs for U.S. federal agencies and other clients.  Led private sector strengthening mission to Azerbaijan, Paraguay, developed programs for Paraguayan Ministry of Justice and Labor, Paraguayan National Administration of Navigation and Ports, other entities.  Manage team of support staff, web developers, trainers, and contract personnel.  Also teach courses in the English Department, Human Relations, and Liberal Studies.  Training and development training for USAID, State-Department funded, World Bank-funded initiatives for Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and others.


1998 – 2000:  Director, Engineering and Geosciences, University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education.


Responsibilities included Project Director, International Projects, the University of Oklahoma.  Organized and administered conferences, short courses, international training, grants, and contracts with respect to continuing education and professional development, as well as distance degree programs, in the fields of engineering and geosciences.  Managed team of support staff, web developers, trainers, and contract personnel.  Also developed online and onsite courses, and taught literature and humanities courses through the Department of English, and the College of Liberal Studies.  Contracts obtained for providing training in engineering, information technology, business / marketing, geosciences from US Agency for International Development, Paraguayan Ministry of Justice and Labor, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, NOAA, and more, in-country in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Colombia, and for visiting professionals who travel to the U.S.


1997 - 1998:  Director of Energy-Related Short Courses, Energy Institute of the Americas and College of Continuing Education, The University of Oklahoma.  Organize short courses for energy industry, develop marketing materials, help align need with demand, assist in developing curriculum development for short courses, interface with South American institutions and Energy Institute institution members to deliver short courses to South American sites.


 St. Gregory’s University, Shawnee, Oklahoma

1996-1997:  Associate Professor, Director of LEAPS Program, St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, OK.  (LEAPS:  Learning Enhancement Achieves Personal Success) -- an innovative program to provide career guidance, diagnostics, computer-aided remediation and research skills, and professional internship / volunteer experience to undergraduate students, with a special emphasis on international programs preparing students for a global workplace.  Includes website design instruction, internet research, multimedia research and presentation. Program profiled in The Shawnee-News Star and the Sooner Catholic.

Workshops and activities for LEAPS profiled in The Tulsa World, The Daily Oklahoman, The Norman Transcript, The Shawnee News-Star, The Shawnee Sun, The Journal Record, Durant Daily Democrat, and in newspapers throughout the State, including Enid, McAlester, Lawton, Alva.


The University of Oklahoma

1993 - 1996:  Instructor, English Department, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. 

1997- current.  Adjunct Professor in The College of Liberal Studies, the Graduate College (Human Relations), and English Department.  (Classes designed while instructor and visiting lecturer featured in a number of newspapers, including The Daily Oklahoman, The Norman Transcript,  The Oklahoma Daily,  and local papers for MacAlester, Enid, Ponca City, Bartlesville, Durant, Edmond, and Tulsa.  Coverage also on television on OETA's Oklahoma City Metro.)  Have also taught Spanish at Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma.



Selected Publications




I Never Did Tell You, Did I?:  Unsent Letters.  Avec Books.  Penngrove, CA.  Forthcoming,Fall 2002.


To the Uzbekistani Soldier Who Would Not Save My Life.  Avec Books, Pivotal Prose Series.  Penngrove, CA.  November 2001. Reviewed in World Literature Today.


Portret Nemirne Americanke. (Slovenian translation of I Never Did Tell You, Did I?: Unsent Letters.)  Ljubljana, Slovenia: Vodnikova Zalozba, September 2001.


Fly-Over States of Mind.  Kenosha, WI:  Light and Dustbooks, 2000.   Reviewed in Rain Taxi, Winter 2001, ABR: American Book Review, Spring 2002. 


First Light:  An Anthology of Paraguayan Women Writers, editor and translator.  Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano /  Texture Press, 1999.  Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award (1999).


Tatapype, Junto al Fuego, Asuncion, Paraguay: Arandura, 1999.  Reviewed in World Literature Today.


Doomsday Belly.  San Francisco: Trip Street Press, 1998.  Reviewed in Alsop Review, Rain Taxi.


Catfishes and Jackals,  Potes and Poets Press, Elmwood, CT, September 1997.


Channel-Surfing the Apocalypse, Avec Books, Penngrove, California, May 1996.  Reviews in Review of Contemporary Fiction, Taproot Reviews, Poetics Briefs, Feminist Bookstore News, Small Press Review, St. Mark's Poetry Project, Talisman, Washington Review.  Featured guest and interviewee on Read About It, aired June 9, 1996.  Commentary and essay-review in Talisman (June 1996).


A Paleontologist's Notebook, Left Hand Books, Barrytown, New York, October 1995.  Reviews in the American Book Review, Washington Review, 33 Review, Small Press Review, Taproot Reviews,  Weber Studies, Dusty Dog Reviews, Western Literature Association Journal.  Finalist in the 1996 Oklahoma Book Award.  Interview appeared March 31, 1996 on Read About It, produced by B.J. Hamilton and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.


Dealing With Date Rape:  True Stories from Survivors, Texture Press, Norman, OK, July 1996.  Review in Feminist Bookstore News.  Featured guest and interviewee on Read About It, aired January 26, 1997.





Grammar of the Margin Road,  Leave Books, Buffalo, NY, 1992.


My Love is Apocalypse and Rhinestone, Texture Press, Norman, OK, 1993.  Reviewed in Taproot Reviews, Situation.


Liquid Babylon, Potes & Poets Press, Elmwood, CT, 1994.


A Veil in the Sand,  Room Press, White Plains, NY, 1994.  Portion of this was taped and aired on public radio station in

      Portland, Oregon (1994).


Mind-Noir and El Siglo de Oro, Luna Bisonte Productions, Columbus, OH, 1995.


Candles by Starlight:  A Selection of Works by Susan Smith Nash, Light & Dust Books On-Line.       http://www.thing.n.../nash/1-nash-1.htm.  Fall 1996.



Selected Articles:


Review of Cheese  in Contemporary Literature Review, Fall 2002.


Review of Victor Osojnik’s And Things Happen for the First Time, in Rain Taxi, Summer 2002.


Review of Juan Felipe Herrera’s Giraffe on Fire in World Literature Today, Winter 2002.


“Land of Fire:  Azerbaijan and the Caspian Continue to Burn Hot with Potential”  Oklahoma City Geological Society Journal.  Oklahoma City, OK, March-April, 2002: 123-129.  Cited and indexed in PetroAlert. 


“Female Desire in Paraguayan Filmmakers Maneglia and Schemboir’s Artefacto de la primera necesidad:  Revenge Fantasy, Camp, or Postdictatorship Self-Loathing?”  in Women in Contemporary World Cinema. Ed. Alexandra Heidi Karriker.  NY: Peter Lang, 2002: 1-14.


“Defenders of Islam or OPEC?”  The Daily Oklahoman.  2 January 2002.


“Rochelle Owens and Luca: Discourse on Life and Death,”  Rain Taxi, Vol 6, No. 4, Winter 2001/2002, 33-34.


“David Wojahn: Strange Good Fortune”  Rain Taxi online Winter 2001/2002.


“Translating Bilingual Texts:  The Guarani/Spanish Poetics of Susy Delgado,” Talisman, Winter/Spring 2001, 136-142.


“Poetics // The Next Level,”  13th Moon: A Feminist Literary Magazine. (SUNY/Albany), 138-146.


“Creativity in an Online Course,”  Syllabus, October 1999.


"Introduction to the Work of  Susy Delgado and Notes on Translating from Spanish and Guarani" (Spanish and English versions)  "Introduction" Tatapype / Junto al fuego.  Asunci?n, Paraguay:  Arundel, 1998.


"Current Trends in Contemporary Poetics," Rhizome, October 1997.


"The Poetics of Erotic Writing," Juxta  Summer 1997.


"Apocalypse and Exotic Meat," Talisman Spring 1997.


"Contemporary Innovative Writing:  Post-Language & Other Traumas" Rhizome Spring 1997.


"David Koresh, The Branch Davidian Tragedy and its Aftermaths:  The Uses of Apocalyptic Narratives in Cultural Texts" Perforations Issue #7.  Fall 1996.  Edited by Robert Cheatham.


"The Small Press and Future Literacy," Washington Review  (Nov. 1996), 2-5.


"Apocalyptic Enactments in the Work of Rochelle Owens,"  Poetics and Criticism Forum:  Light and Dust Books, online, edited by Karl Young. (Fall 1996).


"The Artifice of Confession:  T.E. Lawrence and Autobiographically Representing Rape in Seven Pillars of Wisdom" T.E. Notes 6:1 (Summer 1996), 1-3.


"Revoicings:  Collaboration and Individual Art Production," Synergism ed. Valerie Fox and Kelly McQuain.  (Philadelphia, PA:  Boshi Press, 1996), 14-17.


"Dorothy Richardson's Technologies of Gender"  Witz (Winter 1996), 2-3.


"Keeping a Field Notebook," Oklahoma Geological Survey Special Publication 96-3: Rockhounding and Earth Science Activities in Oklahoma (Norman, OK:  Oklahoma Geological Survey, 1996), 23-30.


"Leslie Scalapino and the Making of Consciousness," Witz 6 (Spring 1996), 1-3.


"Erotic Apocalypses in The Crow," Perforations 7 (Summer 1996), http://www.noel.pd-org/topos/perforations.


"Cultural and Political Apocalypses in the Work of Stephen-Paul Martin" Perforations 6,



"Mainstreaming the Apocalypse:  Doomsday Narratives in Waco Echo Armageddon and Extinction in Literature and Science,"  Central Park 24 (Spring 1995), 112-120.


"Magic and Mystery in Poetic Language: A Response to the Writings of Leslie Scalapino," Talisman 14 (Fall 1995), 90-100.


"Channel-Surfing the Apocalypse: Excerpt," Talisman 14 (Fall 1995), 90-100.


"Apocalypse as Reconnection in James Chapman's Our Plague," Juxta 4 (Fall 1995), 10-14.


"Language Poetry:  Not Fit for Human Consumption?" Juxta 1 (1994),  63-71.


"The Observing Eye, The Observing Ear:  Using Personal Experience in Writing Instruction," Oklahoma English Journal

(Spring 1994), 23-31.


"On Editing and Publishing a Small Magazine:  Saddle-Stitching Away from the Margin," Chain 1 (1994), 86-89.


"Construct Gloved and Anthropos Texted,"  A Poetics of Criticism (Buffalo, NY:  Leave Books, 1994), 33-37.


"Essay-Review of James Miller's The Passion of Michel Foucault, and Cydney Chadwick's Enemy Clothing" To: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Visual Arts (1994), 288-292.


"Science and the Spatial in Experimental Poetics," Central Park 23 (Spring 1994), 181-85.


"Beyond the Language Movement:  A Manifesto of Aesthetics in a Time of Communication, Plague, and a New World Order," Taproot Reviews 4 (Spring 1994), 3-4.


"Redefining Meaning's Topographies: Poetic Language and the Female Body," Anatomy: Raw 12 (1994), 33-35.


"Introduction," Wolf's Clothing by Rillo, (Barrytown, NY: Left Hand Books, 1994), i-ix.


"AIDS and the Avant-Garde," Talisman 11 (Fall 1993), 42-50.


"Fractal Geometry and the Poetry of John Perlman," Witz 1:3 (Spring 1993), 1-3.


"Gustaf Sobin and the Consolation of Imagerie," Talisman 10 (Spring 1993), 52-53.


"Death, Decadence, and the Ironies of Language Poetics," Talisman 10 (Spring 1993), 202-06.


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"On Visual Poetics," CORE: A Symposium on Contemporary Visual Poetry (1993), 114-120.


"On Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae" Arkansas Quarterly (Winter 1993), 22-31.


"H.D.'s Dark Night of the Soul," The Arkansas Quarterly (Fall 1992), 337-343.


"Stevens' 'The House Was Quiet and the World Was Calm',"  The Explicator 50:4 (Summer 1992), 231-232.


"Paradigms in Collision:  A Few Considerations on the Nature of Geological Controversy," The Shale Shaker 43:1 (Nov-Dec,

1992), 2-5.


"T. E. Lawrence and the Limits of Will," T. E. Notes 3:6 (June 1992), 1-3.


"The Courage to Fall," The Georgia Review (Winter 1992), 794-98.


"Building and Explanation:  Todorov's Minimal Units," Aerial 5 (1989), 161-62.


"Interrogating Text and Textuality:  The Rupture of Poetics" Aerial 5 (1989), 173-176.



Reviews and Book Briefs

More than 100 reviews, essay-review articles, and book briefs (one paragraph in length) in numerous publications, including Jack Magazine, World Literature Today, Georgia Review, Multicultural Review, Central Park, Another Chicago Magazine, Weber Studies, To, Washington Review, Witz, Factsheet Five, Literary Magazine Review, Taproot Reviews, Atelier, Lower Limit Speech.



Short Fiction and Poetry

More than 100 poems and short stories in numerous publications, including Baku Sun (Baku, Azerbaijan), Literatyura(Baku, Azerbaijan), 2000andwhat?, Avec, Talisman, Rain City Review, The Madison Review, Paper Air, Aerial, Branch Redd Review, Avec Sampler, Chain, Another Chicago Magazine, Aerial, Riverrun, Gryphon, Washington Review, Juxta, Kiosk, Black Bread Review, O-Blek, First Intensity, Lost and Found Times, Generator, The Southern Review (Australia), Prakalpana Literature (India), Kobisena (India), tight, Aries, Central Park, La Nación (Asunción, Paraguay).





Ayvu Membire, Susy Delgado.  Fall 2001, Asuncion, Paraguay.


Translations of poetry, fiction, prose by Paraguayan women authors, in an anthology project, First Light: An Anthology of Paraguayan Women Poetry.


Translations of poetry from Guarani and Spanish from the Paraguayan poet, Susy Delgado.


"On John M. Bennett's Translation of Sor Juana's Primer Sueno" Prime Sway.   Norman, OK:  Texture Press, 1995.


"Translating Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz"  The Washington Review, Fall 1991.


Translations of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz in Active Fault, M.A. Thesis, 1989.



Film, Writing, Cultural Studies, and Literature Classes Developed and Taught


“Literature of Leadership” Dept. of Human Relations, The University of Oklahoma, Fall 2002.  – Online Course.


“Road Trip of the Mind” Creative Writing Workshop, July 13, 2002, Barnes & Noble, Tulsa, OK


“Ethics in the Humanities”  College of Liberal Studies, The University of Oklahoma, Summer 2002 – supplemental website at


“Arts, Media, and Culture in Human Relations”  Dept. of Human Relations, University of Oklahoma, Fall 2001.  – Online Course.


“Love and Madness in Literature and Film”  Spring 2000, The University of Oklahoma. – Online Course.


“Art and Autobiography”  Fall 1999, The University of Oklahoma.


"The Art of Creative Writing" workshop series at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, March 19, April 2, April 16, 1998.


"Humanities Seminars"  College of Liberal Studies, University of Oklahoma, 1997-present. (online)


"Madness and Creativity in 20th Century Film and Literature," University of Oklahoma, Spring 1997 Intersession.


“Introductory Spanish”  Oklahoma Baptist Univerisity, Summer 1997.


"LEAPS:  Learning Enhancement Achieves Personal Success" GS 2903, St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Fall 1996.  (Computer-aided diagnostics, remediation, and on-line research techniques for undergraduates, with special section for international students). 


"Intensive English for International Students: A Computer-Aided, Multimedia Approach, " English 1004, St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Fall 1996.


"Survey of British Literature" English 2543, St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Fall 1996.


"Outlaws and Antiheroes in American Film, Literature, and Culture" English 4203, The University of Oklahoma, August 1996, Fall 1997. (Note:  Interview taped for Oklahoma City Metro for OETA Channel 13 and The Literacy Channel 43, appeared July 7 & 8, 1996).


"Academic Skills, Grammar, Composition"  English as a Second Language, The University of Oklahoma, Summer 1996.


"Introduction to Internet Research and Website Design"  English 1213, The University of Oklahoma, Spring 1996.


"Introduction to Creative Writing," The University of Oklahoma, Spring 1994 and Fall 1994.


"Mad Messiahs, Mushroom Clouds, and MTV:  Apocalypse in American Film and Literature"  August  Intersession, The University of Oklahoma, 1994.


"Utopian Dreams in American Film and Literature"  December Intersession, The University of Oklahoma, 1994.


"Doomsday Women and Their Consequences:  Femmes Fatales, Temptresses, and Bad Women in American Film and Literature"  August Intersession, The University of Oklahoma, 1995.


"It's Tough to Be a Tough Guy:  Shifting Gender Roles in American Film and Literature"  December Intersession, The University of Oklahoma, 1995-6.


"Colloquium on Using the Art Museum in Composition,"  The University of Oklahoma, February 1996.


"Creative Healing Through Creative Writing"  Writing Workshop, The University of Oklahoma, August 1995


"Creative Writing Workshop Series"  The University of Oklahoma, Summer 1993



Publications Edited


Texture Press publications (1989 - present):  texture reviewed and commended in Small Press Review, Oklahoma Book Award finalist, profiled in Taproot Reviews, reviewed in Literary Magazine Review, profiled by the Washington Review, indexed in the American Humanities Index.


Windmill (Editor, 1992-94):  Dept. of English, Univ. of Oklahoma


Critical Limits (Editor, 1993-94):  Dept. of English, Univ. of Oklahoma


CoalScoop (Kerr-McGee Coal Corporation), K-M News (Kerr-McGee corporate newsletter)



Grants and Awards


- Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award – The University of Oklahoma, April 2002, The University of Oklahoma.

-Trubar Fund (Ljubljana, Slovenia) – Travel grant to attend the Vilenica Literary Festival, Lipica, Slovenia.

-Oklahoma Fund for Poetry, January 2001, for Flyover States of Mind.  Published by Light and Dust Books, Kenosha, WI.

-Outstanding Staff Award, February 2001, University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education.

-Outstanding Collaboration Award, February 2001, University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education.

-Outstanding Teaching Award, May 2000.  University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies.

-Featured in Contemporary Authors, Vol 185 (Gale Research) August 2000 – updated 7,500-word autobiographical essay, plus updated headnotes.

-Finalist, Oklahoma Book Award, March 2000.  Oklahoma Center for the Book.

-Reconocimiento – Bio-Ethics Distance Education Initiative – Universidad el Bosque, Bogota, Colombia, 1999.

-Reconocimiento – Paraguayan Prison Reform – Ministerio de Justicia y Trabajo, Asunción, Paraguay, 1999.

-Outstanding Achievement Award – Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano and the Asociacion Paraguaya de Profesionales Graduados en los EE.UU., 1999.

-Premio de Honor, Paraguayan PEN Association, Asuncion, Paraguay, 1999.

-Oklahoma Arts Council Grant, to make video of the “Setting Face-to-Face in the Clear Light,” 1998.

-Commendation by the Oklahoma Lt. Governor’s Office for originating, organizing, directing the Oklahoma International International Film Festival, 1997.

-Research Grant to interview and translate literary discourses of Paraguayan women authors, August 1997.  Received from

Oklahoma Fund for Poetry.

-Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation in Humanities and Fine Arts (for 1996 graduates), University of Oklahoma, April 1997.

-Selected Juror in area of American Independent Short Films for 8th Annual International Film Festival of Asuncion, Paraguay


-Research grant to study comparative indigenous literatures and discourses of Paraguay from Syntax Project for the Arts


-Research travel grant from the University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education

-Education for research and presentations in Paraguay (1996), and from the University of Oklahoma.  

-Grant (January 1997) from California PEN to travel to San Francisco and make presentation at the New College. 

-Grant (Fall 1996) from Potes & Poets Foundation for production of "Let Dogs Lie" and "Endangered." 

-Travel grant to lecture at San Francisco State University (Fall 1996). 

-7,500-word autobiographical essay in Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, (Gale Research) 1996.



Numerous other grants and awards, including


            *Clark Memorial Award for Outstanding Ph.D. candidate (1992),

            *Oklahoma Arts Council Grant (1996) for producing video, "Face-to-Face,"

            *Flora Hadsell Award for Outstanding Teaching (1995),

            *Gertrude Stein Award for Innovative Writing (1995 and 1996),

            *Graduate Student Senate Conference Grant (1994 and 1995),

            *Goldia Cooksey Memorial Award for Creative Accomplishments

                        (1989 and 1993),

            *Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award. 

            *Performance grants received from Russian River (CA) Association (1994),

            *California PEN (1994),

            *Washington DC Arts Council (1995), and others. 


Autobiographical essay about work, life, and influences commissioned and published by Gale Research Publications published in Contemporary Authors: Autobiography Series; Volume 25 (1996), and Contemporary Authors; (2000).



Videos and Plays


"Let Dogs Lie" and "Endangered" -- partially performed at the DC/Arts Center, Washington, DC, October 21, 1996.  World

premiere full production January 20-21, 1997 by the St. Gregory's Theatre Company at the Sarkey's Performing Arts Center.

Directed by Pat Snyder.  Technical Direction:  Lee Neibert.


"Face-to-Face Setting in the Clear Light:  A Service of Contact"  written by Susan Smith Nash and Carolyn Steinhoff Smith.

Video produced, funded by grant from the Oklahoma Arts Council.


"A Paleontologist at the Apocalypse" at XYZ Night, Issues of Gender, at the Living Arts Center, Tulsa, OK, February 1996.


"Channel-Surfing the Apocalypse" debuted at the New Genre Festival, Tulsa, OK, June 1995.



Guest Lectureships


October 15, 2001, Mid-America Bible College:  “Key Considerations for Assessing College Writing”  includes Writing Survival Guide


December 14, 1997, Oklahoma City International Trade Association.  Keynote Speaker.  "How to Make Your International Business Trip a Success."


December 12, 1996, San Francisco State University, San Francisco.  Lectured to creative writing classes on the subject of Channel-Surfing the Apocalypse, which was a required text.


November 23, 1996, La Universidad Católica, Asuncion, Paraguay.  Lectured on new American Independent Cinema.

Coverage in ABC Color, and guest appearance on Radio ñanduti, (interviewed by Armando Rubin).



Performances and Readings


March 31, 1998, "Paraguayan Women Writers" part of Women in the Arts Series at St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, Oklahoma.


March 13, 1998, "Abriendo Nuevos Mercados"  day-long workshop in the Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano, Asunci?n, Paraguay.


October 4 - 5, 1997, Reading and Workshop, Tulsa Arts and Humanities Association, Tulsa, OK


August 1997,  Lecture for the Paraguayan Women Writer's Association, Asuncion, Paraguay

Sept. 2, 1997, Participation in Third Annual Book Fair lecture series, Libro-Feria, Asunción, Paraguay, Plaza del Sol.


April 1997, Norman Public Library (Poet's Month)

April 1997, Border's Bookstore (Poet's Month Workshop)


March 1997, Poetry Workshop, Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano, Asuncion, Paraguay

March 1997, Lecture on American Independent films and Film Festivals, Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano, Asuncion,



February 1997, Borders Bookstore, Norman, OK

February 1997, The New College, San Francisco, CA.


December 1996, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.


November 1996, La Universidad Cat?lica, Asunci?n, Paraguay

November 1996, Taller Centenario (Writer's Workshop), Club Centenario, Asunci?n, Paraguay


October 1996, DC Art Center, Washington, DC.


March 1996, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, Oklahoma.


February 1996, Living Arts Center, Tulsa, OK


October 1995, DaDa-Surrealism Show, Fred Jones Art Museum, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma


March 1995, DC Arts Center, Washington, D.C.


February 1995, Canessa Park Art Gallery, San Francisco

February 1995, Russian River Writers Association, Sebastapol, CA


January 1994, Bick's, Washington, DC


November 1993, The Ear Inn, New York City NY



Papers Presented At Conferences


“Literature on the Internet:  Ethical, Ontological, and Epistemological Considerations”  SCMLA (South-Central Modern Language Association) Annual Conference, Tulsa, OK, November 7 – 10, 2001.


“Distance Motivations in Online Courses”  Syllabus 2001, Santa Clara, CA, July 17-21, 2001.


“Successful Online Course Development”  (also led workshop)  Edumall Education Conference, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico, March 28-29, 2001.


“Translating from Guarani and Spanish” at Biennial Literary Translation Conference:  Tyrannies of the Target Language, Stevens Institute of Technology, October 18, 2000.


“English Language Hegemonies on the Internet” at Biennial Literary Translation Conference:  Tyrannies of the Target Language, Stevens Institute of Technology, October 18, 2000.


“Increased Student-Instructor Interaction Pays Off in Distance Learning” at TechLearn2000, Orlando, Florida, October 12, 2000.


“Indigenous Folklore in Paraguayan Women’s Writing” at the Western Literature Association Conference, October 26, 2000.


“Agricultural Value-Added as Key Component in Economic Diversification”  October 11, 2000, Baku Press Club, Baku, Azerbaijan.


“The Basics of E-Commerce”  September 14, 2000, The University of Oklahoma Memorial Union, Norman, OK.


“Keys to Successful Online Course Development”  June 6, 2000, Department of Defense Education Conference, Dallas, TX.


“La Educación a traves del Internet – Nuevas fronteras”  January 6, 2000, Colegio el Sembrador, Cuidad del Este, Paraguay.


“Economic Diversification in Azerbaijan:  New Strategies”  USAID Conference on Economic Development (“Avoiding the Dutch Disease”); December 17, 1999, Baku, Azerbaijan.


“Successful Online Course Development,” Oklahoma Education Conference, October 28, 1999, Oklahoma City, OK


 “Creativity in Online Course Development,” July 1999, Syllabus Conference, San Jose, California.


“Developing Successful Online Courses for International Delivery”  Syllabus Regional Conference, Orlando, Florida, March 1999.


Women in Film Conference, March 26, 1998, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.


"Focus on Paraguay" Conference organizer (Official trade and cultural delegation from Paraguay to U.S.), February 6, 1997, St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, OK


"The Literature(s) of Waco and Oklahoma City:  Apocalyptic Narratives in Cultural Texts"  presented at the National Conference of the College English Association, April 1996, New Orleans.


"Creative Writing and Women's Studies" presented at the Southwestern Women's Studies Conference, The University of

Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, March 1996.


"How to Keep A Field Notebook" presented at the Oklahoma Geological Survey's Rockhounds' Workshop, October 1995.


"Film Montage as a Strategy for Composition"  presented at the National Conference for the National Council of Teachers of English, March 1995, Washington, D.C.


"Michel Foucault and the Rhetoric of Revelation"  presented at National Conference for the National Council of Teachers of English,  March 1994, Nashville, Tennessee.




Spanish.  Conversational Russian.  Competent in reading French.  Other languages studied:  Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Portuguese, Guarani.  Extensive experience in translating technical geological reports for oil and mining industries;  marketed industrial

chemicals and products which required translation and presentation skills in Spanish. 


Volunteer Positions


Coordinating Visit of Paraguay Trade Delegation to Oklahoma:  delegation includes Minister of Public Works and Communications, President of National Administration of Navigation and Ports, Board members of Ministry of Commerce and Industry.  Worked with offices of Gov. Frank Keating, Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin, Sec. of Commerce Ronald Rosenfeld, Tulsa Port of Catoosa, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce.


Leader of Trade Mission to Paraguay, Oklahoma Department of Commerce.  Participants included Oklahoma state legislators, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Rural Enterprises Incorporated, and more.


Coordinator and originator, "Focus on Paraguay" -- presentation and lecture series presented by 7 Paraguayan public and private-sector representatives -- held February 6 and 7, 1997, at St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, Oklahoma, with meetings in Oklahoma City and Norman with Governor Frank Keating, Secretary of Commerce Ron Rosenfeld, Department of Commerce, Department of Agriculture, and many others.


Director, Oklahoma International Film and DramaFest, held on St. Gregory's Campus, Shawnee, Oklahoma, July 22 - 28, 1997


Juror, 8th Annual International Film Festival, Asunción, Paraguay.  November 26 - December 3, 1996, Asunción, Paraguay.

(Director:  Hugo Gamarra).





Grant-writing / contract-writing for numerous projects and academic programs; participated in proposal-writing, budgets, impact assessment, justification, project/program design; humanities and environmental/geological areas; proposals ranged from $100,000 - $2.3 million.  Most recent contracts awarded:  United States Agency for International Development:  Economic Diversification, 2001:  amount  $23,500.  United States Agency for International Development --  Private Sector Strengthening Mission (Azerbaijan) :  1999-2000: amount $143,000;   United States Agency for International Development --  Economic Diversification in Oil-Dependent Economies (Azerbaijan):  1999-2000: amount $168,000;  Paraguayan Ministry of Justice and Labor:  Prison Reform ($43,500);  Paraguayan National Administration of Ports ($38,000).  Sonatrach Algerian Ministry of Petroleum, Master’s Degree Program (Director, Dr. Tiab; Administration, Susan Nash): $2,350,000


Windmill literary magazine of the University of Oklahoma English Department.  Fundraising efforts while editor (1992-94).

Raised sufficient funding to pay for printing costs, distribution, and honoraria.  Instituted Alumni Donor program and prepared press releases and publicity, with resulting coverage in Oklahoma newspapers, including The Daily Oklahoman, The Norman

Transcript, The Ponca City News, The Daily McAlester News-Capital and Democrat, The Oklahoma Daily.


U.S. Saving Bond Drive:  Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation Chair, raised $23,000 during 1988 drive.


The United Way, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Loaned Executive Program:  103 accounts, headed team that raised $281,000 during the 1987 campaign.



Professional Affiliations:


Western Literature Association: Member

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG):  Active Member.

Modern Language Association South-Central Section:  Member




William McKinney, Azerbaijan Country Director, United States Agency for International Development.

George Henderson, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Liberal Studies, The University of Oklahoma

Robert Murray Davis, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, The University of Oklahoma