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Final Project

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Your final project gives you an opportunity to explore one of the topics that you find most relevant to your interests and goals.

Final project -- Three Leadership Situations (each should be 500 words in length, for a total of approximately 1,500 words).

Each student will locate or develop three problem situations, reflective of an actual situation of leadership in an organization or one which could easily materialize in an organizational setting in the private or public sector.

Minimally, each situation should
a) provide background information (organization, players, history, etc.)
b) a description of a critical catalyzing incident (action of an organization official or participant of dynamics that caused action, etc.) that causes the leadership of the organization to become mission-critical, and for a leader figure to emerge;
c) a set of important questions (moral, legal, administrative, personal, etc.) raised by the leadership style and philosophies
d) reflect what the leader did or in the situation, and what the results were(positive or negative), and why.  Discuss the role of the followers as well.

Each situation should be three-four pages in length.  Please be sure to cite your references. 

The style can be informal, and you are encouraged to express your own opinions and to relate the situation(s) to your own experiences.