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Required Work

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Personal Essay for Each Unit
For each unit, please write a journal which illustrates a real-life application of one or more of the principles, concepts, of leadership in organizations. This will give you an opportunity to take the principles, which can be rather abstract, and to apply them in a relevant way to your life, your career aspirations, and your goals.  Length:  1,000 words (approximately 4 typed, double-spaced pages). 

Procedure: E-mail your instructor.

Final Project

Final project -- Three Leadership Situations (each should be 500 words in length, for a total of approximately 1,500 words).

Procedure:  E-mail your instructor.


The course is letter graded, based on a 100-percent scale, with credit distributed as follows:

Unit journals:                             75% of your grade
Final project:                              25% of your grade

Think about it --
Of course, it's always easy to lionize the past and think of ourselves as being somehow deficient. Certainly, in terms of the military, today's leaders are different. When was the last time we had a long-term, full-scale war? Are the leaders that emerge from those conflicts different than those who have emerged from the late 80s, and the 90s? It's clear that with the emphasis on constant readiness, long deployments, lots of TDYs,
today's military requires each person to be a leader -- and the people that one is leading or following will be constantly in flux.

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