ship of dreams

susan smith nash



the gods are happy

the hook snagged my mouth

the side I use for confession.


my heart flopping on the deck,

my eyes desiccating quickly

we both know the hot sun admits no tears


salt preserves all too well

the mortality I try so hard to disavow

but the body still leads, the heart still searches


that mirror was not a door

it was not a portal to the infinite

it hid the hook I held in my own flesh


the taste of blood

brings me back

I see myself flopping on this slippery surface

tangling myself in my own lines

here on this new ship where the gods reeled me in


Ship of Fools

Citizens of Limbo


we take our place &

I wear down gracefully (I think)

one eye fixed on the sky above

the other glued fast to the deck



          january 14, 2000