Petroleum Geochemistry

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Case Studies

unit1 Development of Petroleum Geochemistry
unit2  Origin and Migration of Petroleum
unit3 Habitat of Petroleum -- Sources and Reservoirs
unit4 Applications 

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Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.

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Tengiz Field in the North Caspian Sea contains a great deal of sour oil. Why?

Case Studies
Petroleum Generation Case Studies:

  1. Monterey Shale--Kerogen Type IIA Kinetics (p. 158)
  2. Phosphoria Formation of Montana -- Kerogen Type IIB Kinetics (p. 161)
  3. Salym Field, West Siberian Basin -- Kerogen Type IIC Kinetics (p. 164)
  4. Kimmeridge Shale source near the Ekofisk field--Kerogen Type IID Kinetics (p. 167)
  5. Green River Formation, Western U.S. -- Kerogen Type I Kinetics
  6. Miocene-age formations, South Padre Island--Kerogen Type III Kinetics
(additional case studies thanks to Baseline DGSI Analytical Laboratories)

1-The Case of the Bad Maturity Data

2-The Case of the Mystery Fluid -  It is Oil or is it Diesel?

3-The Case of the Convoluted Data!

4-The Case of the Gas Quandary - Is There Oil Below the Gas?

5-The Case of the Cockeyed Kinetics Data

6-The Case of the Vain Valentino - How Much Data Is Really Needed?

7-The Case of the Discontinuous Reservoirs

8-The Case of the API Gravity Enigma - The Charge of the Light Petroleum

9-The Case of the Secret Second System

10-The Case of the Asphalt and the Alligator

11-The Case of the Density Dilemma - Measuring API Gravities of Heavy Oils and Oil Shows

12-The Case of the Undercharged Prospect - What Does it Take to Make a Profit?