Petroleum Geochemistry

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Case Studies

unit1 Development of Petroleum Geochemistry
unit2  Origin and Migration of Petroleum
unit3 Habitat of Petroleum -- Sources and Reservoirs
unit4 Applications 

Subject Matter Expert:
R. Paul Philp, Ph.D.
Course Design:
Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.

EDGe Education
The University of Okla

An understanding of petroleum geochemical systems is mission-critical for successful exploration and development efforts.

Petr. System Gippland Basin

Overview of Petroleum Geochemistry

This course ....

General geology, historical geology, chemistry.

Required Work
Read required text and take a multiple-choice exam for each unit.

Required Texts
Hunt, John M.  1995 Petroleum Geochemistry, 2nd ed.  W. H. Freeman and Co.  ISBN:  0-7167-2441-3