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November 16, 2004


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Turkmen recoverable gas reserves seen at 20 trillion cubic meters

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Text of report in English by Russian news agency Prime-TASS

Ashgabat, 16 November: Turkmenistan's recoverable natural gas reserves amount to more than 20.4 trillion cubic meters [as received], while oil reserves stand at about 400m tonnes, Orazmuhammed Atageldiyew, president of Turkmengeology exploration company, said Tuesday [16 November].

As of now, 1.972 trillion cubic meters of gas [as received] and more than 445m tonnes of oil have been produced in Turkmenistan, since production started, he said.

Meanwhile, Turkmenistan plans to invest more than 60bn dollars in the oil and gas industry by 2020, increasing annual gas output to 240bn cubic meters and oil output to 100m tonnes, Turkmen oil and gas [and mineral resources] minister, Amangeldi Pudakow, said Tuesday.

In 2003, Turkmenistan produced 10m tonnes of oil and 60bn cubic meters of natural gas.

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